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Waitrose / John Lewis Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers

For information about Waitrose / John Lewis gifts cards, e-gift card and gift vouchers please click HERE
The above link includes more information including details of the different cards we do, how to order, gift card expiry, gift card balances and gift card order refunds.

Self-help Queries-
Customer support for Gift Cards and e-gift cards-
Customer Support team are on 0330 1234 024.

What are your Gift Cards made out of?
Our grey gift cards are made out of Ginkgo
board and are recyclable. 

Envelopes for Gift Cards -
Waitrose sells envelopes and a range of greeting cards with envelopes in Waitrose shops.

e-gift cards (John Lewis & Waitrose)-
Customers can purchase these online at and can be redeemed in shops. Customers present them on their mobile device or print out. The details of the e-gift card are identical to those of the physical gift card (barcode, card number, and PIN).



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