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Update my personal details

Due to recent GDPR changes, we would encourage you to follow the instructions below or visit one of our shops, where you can be supported and action what you are trying to complete on a shop's iPad. 

To reset your password
 - Go to and click on Sign in/Register
 - Type in your registered email address and click Continue
 - Then click on the Forgotten your password option
 - This will take you through resetting your password

Update your details-
You must be signed into to see the "My Account" option at the top of the page.
Within the My Account section, select the required area/s from the My Details box (bottom left)-
- To update your email address ID and/or password, select My login details 
- To update your name or phone numbers, select Personal Details
- To update your address, select My Addresses and also Payment Details and Billing Information
- To update your billing address and payment card details (used for myWaitrose marketing), select Payment Details and Billing Information




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