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What is a substitute?
We'll do our best to deliver everything you ask for, however if we're unable to do so we will find the best alternative. Your driver should tell you about any substituted products when your delivery arrives

How do I set substitution preferences?-
We make every effort to ensure all products are in stock. However, if an item you require is not available, you can request a similar substitute product. If a substitution is made, you will always be charged the lower of the two prices (excluding items sold by weight), but if it's not what you want you can refuse it. 
You can choose not to accept substitutions for any individual item within your order by unticking the checkbox against that product in your mini trolley. To do this, you need to click on the trolley symbol in the header and you will then see all of your selected products. At the bottom of each product, there is a box entitled Allow Substitution. Untick the box if you do not want a substitution. You can amend your preference on each product in the same way. When you have finished press Continue Shopping to select more products or proceed to Checkout

What happens with substitutions for multi-buy offers?-
Wherever possible we will always substitute with the closest and most suitable alternative product from the relevant offer category. Where this is not possible we will substitute with the closest and most suitable alternative product outside the offer but maintain the offer price.


Alternative quantity so you don't miss out-
So for example, if you ordered a multipack of 4 tins of baked beans and these were unavailable, we could offer you 
4 individual tins of the same product and charge you the multipack price. 

What happens if I get a substitution I don't want?-
Unwanted substitutions should be returned with your delivery driver at the point of delivery. They will be refunded in full by the Branch.



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