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What is the latest time I can place an order for next day delivery?
You can place a new order for a grocery delivery up until 10pm the day before delivery.
Please note the order amendment cut off time as you'll need to complete your order before it.

What is the order amendment cut-off time? 
11pm the day before delivery, please do ensure you save and checkout before the deadline time so not to lose your whole order.

How do I checkout?-
Click on the green checkout button which is located in the top right-hand corner in the header. You can also review your trolley contents by clicking on the trolley icon, also in the header.

How can I add to, or edit, an order at checkout?-
You can add more products to your trolley within the Checkout page by clicking on continue shopping. This will take you back to the Groceries page. If you want to change your slot click the Edit Slot button in the header then click Change slot as required. You can also use the Checkout button on the trolley page.

Why do I see different extra screens
in checkout sometimes?-
The screens we show you will vary depending on what is in your trolley. If you have not added any of your frequently purchased products to your trolley we will highlight these to you first. We will check items in your trolley and display any products on offer that you might be missing out on.  If you don't want to view these, however, simply click on the Finished here, next step button to proceed to the next step. Finally, we will show you any promotions, seasonal offers or treats we think you may like. 

How do I use my promotional code?
You should enter the details of the code (which is case sensitive) into the Promotional Code box on the Order Preview page.
If your Promotional Code doesn't work for any reason please go to our Contact Us page and contact our Customer Care team.

Checkout or Slot booking systems issue or I'm seeing an error message that I can't get past
These can often be resolved by clearing your Waitrose cookies. We've made it easy to do, by simply clicking on this link- Click here to clear your Waitrose cookies.
Note that performing this action will log you out of, this is all part of the clearing process. It may also affect any additions you have recently made to your trolley so please review this when you log back in and try again.
Failing that, please go to our Contact Us page and contact our Customer Care team




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