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Shop in Branch, We Deliver

Shop in Branch, we deliver- You do the shopping, we do the carrying. Give your arms a break with this service.

How much does it cost?
under £50 is £5 & over £50 is £3

How do I book my delivery and complete my shopping-
- You can book a delivery slot online if you have set up an account with us or in a branch by making a booking at the in-store Welcome Desk.
- The delivery slot must be booked prior to shopping.
- For same day delivery after 1pm, shopping must be completed and paid for before 12pm noon (*there are no same day deliveries before 1pm).
- For next day delivery, shopping should be completed and paid for the day before delivery. 
- Please note we cannot leave deliveries with someone under the age of 18

How will they know that I want the shopping delivered at the checkout?-
- Tell the cashier that you are using the delivery service and pass over your paperwork or order number.
- The cashier will arrange for your shopping (particularly chilled or frozen produce) to be stored appropriately until the delivery time.

What happens if I'm not in when you make your delivery?-
- If you are not in or going to be in, please contact the delivery branch or our Customer Care team.



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