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Receiving myWaitrose Vouchers/ Marketing Preferences (opt in / opt out)

To simply change your Marketing preferences
- From within your "My Account" page, click "Marketing Preferences" within the box titled My Details (bottom Left)
- Select "Yes please" or "No thanks" as required to the four options
Once happy, click "Save preferences" to confirm and save your changes.  

To be set up to receive occasional myWaitrose vouchers-
Within "My Account" and under "My Details", ensure the following
- Your home address is correct within sections My Addresses and Payment Detail & Billing Information
- Ensure you've set up your Marketing Preferences to "Yes please".
- myWaitrose vouchers are sent to only a sample of customers for each campaign, depending on how they have shopped with us.
- Remember to continue to use your myWaitrose card every time you shop.

How do I opt out of myWaitrose marketing emails-
If you want to opt out of these emails please select Unsubscribe at the bottom of the email



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