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Temporary myWaitrose card / Printing a temporary myWaitrose card

If you've requested a new myWaitrose card and know your "MY ACCOUNT" sign in details, you can use a Temporary card while you wait.

Temporary card
Open a second internet window tab, go to and sign into your "MY ACCOUNT".
Click back to this internet windows tab and click HERE.
Simply record the card number by writing it down or take a photo of it with your phone.
This is much easier than printing off a copy and saves paper.
Show the number to the cashier and they will input the card number for you. 

Problem-solving- Sorry, the page you requested could not be found-
This is because you are not signed into your account on a different internet tab.
To solve this, open a second internet window, go to and sign into your "MY ACCOUNT".
Once you have input your email and password, please try the link on this internet tab again.

If having problems, please Contact Us and we'll investigate.



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