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Payment details, how do I pay and is it safe?

How can I pay on
All major credit and debit cards are accepted for online orders including Maestro UK (not International), Visa Credit, Visa Debit, American Express, MasterCard, and of course, the Partnership Card.

You can also use a card in a different name to pay for your online delivery, as long as you have the card owner's 

When does my account get debited?-
We do not take payment for your order until the entire order has been picked and goes through the checkout. This is usually the day of delivery or collection, except for early morning deliveries or collections when we will take payment the day before. All customers collecting shopping will be asked to provide identification for the person who is paying for the shopping. The identification must match the cardholder name shown in the payment details on the checkout page. The card will not be required. If your payment details are saved on the site, please update your payment details via My Account under Payment Details & Billing Information whenever they change.

Store your payment details-
To store your payment details click on My Account in the top menu, then:
  • Click on Payment Details & Billing Information, under the My Details section.
  • Enter your card details and click on Save.
  • Next, enter your postcode and click on Find Address.
  • Select your address from the list.
  • Next, enter your name and phone number to complete the fields.
  • Click Save. Your new payment details will now be saved in your account.
Make changes to your payment details-
  • To change your payment details click on My Account in the header and select My Account from the drop-down menu, then click on Payment Details & Billing Information.
  • To delete a card so that it is not saved in your account - Click on Delete next to your existing card details. Your card will now be deleted from your account.
  • To enter a new card-  Simply complete the form and click on Save. Your new card details will automatically replace your previous card.
How do I change my card details in an outstanding order?-
Please follow the steps below:
  • Login to
  • Navigate to My Account and then to Current Orders
  • Click on Change Payment Details and amend as necessary and press Save

Can I use a card under a different name to pay for my online shop?-
Yes, you can use a card in a different name to pay for your online delivery, as long as you have the card owner's permission
Credit/debit card safety-
We take every step to ensure that your credit/debit card details are safe. Waitrose online uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt your details as they are transmitted to us. This prevents anyone from eavesdropping on your shopping session and keeps your card and personal details private.

You have the option of storing your card details with us so that there is no need to type your details in every time you shop on the site. We only ever show the last four digits of your card number on our public Internet site and, of course, this information can only be viewed by you. If you do not wish to store your card details with us, they can be entered each time you place an order.

Your payment details are held in a secure encrypted server that is not accessible from the Internet. Access to this data is also secured internally within Waitrose and all card numbers are encrypted using a highly secure system that financial and banking institutions rely on, called Triple DES (Data Encryption Standard). If you have chosen not to store your card details for future use, we delete your payment information seven days after you have received your order. We hold onto it for this length of time to allow for adjustments to the charge to be made for refunds or rejected items.

Verified by Visa and MasterCard® SecureCode™-
To give you, even more, confidence in shopping online with Waitrose, we’ve introduced Verified by Visa and Mastercard® SecureCode™. These services enhance your existing card account security against unauthorised use when you shop with us. To use this service, you must first register with the bank or other organisation that issued your card. To find out more about these services: Visit the Verified by Visa website or the MasterCard® SecureCode™ website. Once you've registered and created your own private password with your bank, you will be automatically prompted at checkout to provide this password each time you make a purchase online.



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