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How to register and start shopping with us

How do I register with you?-
Even if you are registered with Waitrose Cellar, Waitrose Flowers or Waitrose Gifts you will need to register with You can register by clicking on the "Sign in / Register" option at the top right of Type in your email. If the email address is not registered with us already, you'll be asked to set up a password and an account. 

How do I start shopping?-
Once you have registered, we encourage you to book a slot before you start shopping. This is to ensure you secure the most convenient slot for you, and also allows us to show you the products that are available to you, including the products that are on offer on the day of your delivery.

You can then start to shop in a variety of ways; either by using the navigation to start looking for the products you want to add to your trolley, browsing the Offers tab or by using the Multi-search tool (was Jotter) to quickly find up to 50 items at a time.



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