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How much will I be charged for online grocery orders?

You'll be charged the in-store prices on the day of delivery or collection.
This could be different from the price quoted when you place your order. 

- The availability of special offers and prices may change between order date and delivery or collection date.
- All special offer discounts, such as Mixed Case Wine Offer and Multivalue Offers, will be deducted in-store when charged.
- Where Multivalue Offers apply to a set of differently priced items, the saving or free item/s applies to the cheapest item.
- The unit price for products that are weighted and displayed on the site are calculated on drained weight where applicable.
- Weighted items such as fruit may vary in weight from that ordered.
- If you receive a ‘reduced to clear’ product as no other stock is available, please note that you will not be charged for this item.
- The prices stated on the site are inclusive of VAT.

If you are unhappy with the price charged, you've got the right to reject or return any product.
You can reject the product via the driver or return the product to a branch and we'll refund the amount that you have been charged.

Delivery charges
Please see- 
Groceries- Home Delivery FAQs




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