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How do I set up a Secondary Contact

Who should add a Secondary Contact Alert to their account?-
A customer can add a Secondary Contact Alert or friend, carer or family member who is shopping on behalf of someone who may require an emergency contact.

What is a Secondary Contact Alert for?-
It offers added peace of mind to customers or relatives or carers of customers who live alone, who are getting older and/or are disabled but still wish to shop online and receive grocery deliveries to their home.

How can I add a Secondary Contact Alert to my account?-
Simply navigate to My Account in the header of the site and from the drop-down select My Address Details. You will be presented with any addresses already saved in your account and will be able to add new addresses from here too.
When editing or creating a new address, simply tick the box which asks if you want to add an emergency alternative contact and add the information as required (250 character limit).
Please note, you will not be able to edit an address which has a pending order against it until your order has been fulfilled.

How will Waitrose use my Secondary Contact Alert?-
Your Waitrose delivery driver will contact their branch if they are unable to make your delivery and the branch will then alert your secondary contact.

Is my Secondary Contact Alert information secure?-
Yes, all information kept in My Account on is treated as sensitive information.



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