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'Have Your Say' customer feedback survey?

at is the 'Have Your Say' customer feedback survey?-
'Have Your Say' is the name of our customer feedback survey as part of the Waitrose service performance measurement programme.

How do I access the customer feedback survey?-
1. Please click HERE to access the survey.
2. A phone call to Waitrose Customer Care: Once your query has been resolved please ask your Advisor to send you an invite to the customer feedback survey. If you did not do this, but would still like to complete a survey, please call us on 0800 188884.
3. Email contact with Waitrose Customer Care: Towards the bottom of your reply is a link that will take you to the Waitrose CS survey. If this link is missing please call us on 0800 188884 or reply to your most recent contact, requesting an invitation email.

How long does the customer feedback survey take to complete?-
This depends on the departments visited and the number and length of comments you choose to leave. We recommend that you set aside between 5 and 10 minutes to complete the survey.

Do you pass on any customers details from the customer feedback survey to third parties?-
No. We have a strict contract with our survey provider to keep all customer data protected.

Seeing a certificate error message when trying to access the survey-
Please clear your browsing data as an old certificate is being picked up. Actioning this will mean your browser will look again for the latest certificate and you'll be able to access the site successfully.

Blocked out of the HYS survey?
This could be because of accidentally selecting Under 18. The only way you can fix this is by clearing your internet cookies/browsing data.



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